Grammar and Spelling.

Probably the most controversial subject imaginable - grammar.

With luck, a well-meaning English language professional will have found this site.  My world is writing something which can be understood and have done the best possible.

The word 'love' comes to mind, as one person loving good grammar notices writing standards, so you could 'love' having the ability to spell with ease.

Interestingly the average person uses only 300 words and that could be a maximum.  Extra words being trade and product names which change over years.

Feel good for 80% of the 300 words you know already, this means in four to six weeks your complete dictionary of the mind will be known.

Those working in the world of advertising often use 'spoken words', writing as if talking out loud.  A story is written in either past tense, present tense or future tense and seldom a combination of all three.

A Hint.

Avoid overloading the need for perfect grammar, if writing a long piece keep paragraph length to a maximum of three sentences.  Where possible have a 'flow' in the writing a beginning, middle and end.

Think carefully before using little known words, aim to help the reader avoid a need to use a dictionary.