Importance of Spelling.

Mentioned on another page is the subject of being judged, more correct is avoiding being judged by others.

Coming from another country is one issue, being criticised when young is another.  Add the two together and the whole issue is increased.  

Increasing self-worth is one small step which can be achieved by writing without the need to constantly wonder whether each word is correct.

It is worth grasping fully how only 100 - 200 words will need to be installed and one 90 minute session will help remembering so easy.

When writing if convenient prepare yourself by being relaxed, comfortable and in a positive state of mind.

Spelling of words is one of many other actions we all could do well.  'Go the extra mile' means gently pushing ourselves to do something a little better.

A Hint.

Choose one other action taken and ask yourself, 'is it possible for me to do this job a little better'?

How proud of ourselves would we like to be?  I can do that, is far superior to thinking can't or don't want to do that.