New Language.

Learning a new language is one thing, learning English is most likely as easy as learning Chinese symbols. Your goal is having a few words which have been spelled correctly.  Mentioned on another page is how about 300 words are used.

I cannot be certain but possibly this applies in many cultures, step one must be to rise above a fear of thinking thousands of words are needed.

Where ever in the world we are born, all learn by listening and copying.  Even the dialect is a copy of everyone around.  Maybe all of us have a local dialect without realising it.

If not a native of the UK believe in your ability to learn, it is a great thing when able to mix with the locals and have a conversation.

Having the knowledge of 'how to help anyone learn more easily' then building this site.  It really sunk in for 300 words in almost any language is possible and no pressure.

If coming along yet born in another country already known are a few words, it all gets easier.

A Hint.
Be aware of your emotional state when writing.  Perfect is being totally or completely calm.  If tensing up make a note of the word and come back to it later when it can be stored correctly.