• Understandi​​​​​ng Culture.

The new born baby came into the world, seemingly unable to take care of itself.  

Someone, usually the mother fed and clothed the small bundle of joy.  Never did she realise this seemingly helpless child was learning from day one.  When awake, every waking minute this new born is taking in an understanding of the environment, including the overall culture and customs.

Should we remain in the same area we take on the local dialect and local belief.  Move to the opposite end of the country the dialect can differ plus others may have different beliefs.

Move to another country and even though some of the language is learned, something else is going on.  A part of us is fighting to keep the environment learnt when days old.

It is almost impossible to completely throw out these birth experiences by learning 'new ways'.

If the desire is strong enough, learning correct spelling of the new language is relatively easy. The only need would be placing words in the correct order.

We all copied.

Learning the spoken word is how we did it at an early age, learning by copying.  The only thing getting in the way of learning when mature is having to battle through the negatives absorbed during lifetime to date.

Living in another country needn't have the thoughts of never being able to mix with others due to language barriers.

Finishing on a positive note, if spelling hadn't been your best subject.  It most certainly hasn't been your fault.  No point blaming others now you know it can all be made easier.